Who’s on 2017
July 2nd Best of Friends 9th Gambler 16th American Routes 23rd Midnight Train 30th Clint Bradley Band
The Clint Bradley Band
August 6th Black Steel... 13th Phil and Ken... 20th Blue Horizon Trio... 27th Ivor James
September 3rd The Thrillbillies 10th Best of Friends 17th Savannah.. 24th JERRY KILGORE SHOW (USA) with Nicky        James and State of the Heart, and Jordan  Mogey...tickets on sale NOW....
October 1st Chris Raddings... 8th Badlands Band... 15th Gypsy Queen Trio... 22nd Ian Highland Band,( 5 Piece) 29th John Doherty...
Jerry Kilgore
Nicky James