Soo’s Reviews
DARREN BUSBY  -  11th MARCH '18 Hopefully with the snow and flu behind us we can get back to attending Fred's regularly. This week we had a lovely night with Darren. I enjoyed every song he chose to sing and with his voice as we all know it was a perfect evening. Two songs were "It's All Good" by Toby Keith and "There's The Door" by George Jones. Darren is back later in the year. NEXT WEEK  -  BRIAN MANN Soo STONE COLD COUNTRY  25th FEB '18 An evening enjoyed by all I'm sure.  Father Ray and son Steve are both excellent musicians.  Steve won Best Musician two years ago - he is brilliant on guitar and great to watch. I enjoyed the "Rocky Top" instrumental, also Mo Pitney's "Come Do A Little Life With Me" and Billy Levin's "Call Me When It's Over". NEXT WEEK  -  KALIBRE Soo BEST OF FRIENDS  - 18 FEB '18 That's my kind of country night at Fred's. Their choice of material was great - I loved every song. They sang a few songs from each of our legends - Merle Haggard, Gene Watson, Don Williams, George Jones, George Strait - and they never forget Froggie! Middy and Steve gave us an enjoyable evening. NEXT WEEK  -  STONE COLD COUNTRY Soo PHIL & KEN  11th FEB '18 An evening of old country with this duo. We heard songs like "I Don't Need No Rocking Chair" and "If Love Was A River" Phil likes to tell jokes - not to my taste - but they got a standing ovation from some of the audience. They will be back in August. NEXT WEEK  -  BEST OF FRIENDS Soo CLIFF WESTON DUO A change of artiste this week - Pete had a sore throat which was a shame. Stewart still came and brought Cliff Weston from the Cliff Weston duo/trio. I enjoyed his mellow voice and his expertise on guitar. It was nice to hear different material such as "T Bone Shuffle", "Hell And High Water" and the self-penned "It Seems I'm Getting Over You". An enjoyable evening. NEXT WEEK  -  PHIL AND KEN Soo FOOLS GOLD  -  28th JAN '18 I was gutted to have missed this duo.  Apparently it was Melissa who sang with Paul this time.  They are quite a musical family. The audience enjoyed them and I know they'll be back soon. NEXT WEEK  -  TEXAS TORNADOS Soo JOHNNY AND LYNETTE  -  21 JAN '18 There is a lot of flu going round this winter but I managed to get to Fred's to see Johnny and Lynette who we haven't seen for a while. They got through a lot of material and as much as I love all country music I would have liked a bit more upbeat tempo sometimes. They are a lovely couple.  We heard "Close Up The Honky Tonks", "Four Strong Winds" and "That's Why I'm Walking". NEXT WEEK  -  FOOLS GOLD Soo BADLANDS  -  7 JAN '18 Kicking off 2018 we were treated to this brilliant band with the finest musician, Russ Kitchen on guitar and vocals. Last April was their debut at our club and I have waited eagerly to see them again and I was not disappointed. I love the refreshing way they change the songs to suit them and "rock it up" - certainly not run of the mill. Some material was "Wailing For A Woman", Brad Paisley; "She Comes To Me", James Otto; and "Time Don't Wait For Nobody" but Marty Stuart. I hope they are booked to return. NEXT WEEK  -  HAYDEN ALLEN DUO Soo THE COLLECTION  -  17th DEC '17 There was plenty of food as usual in our Christmas week - there was not a full house though for these brilliant musicians and there wasn't much country music played. The club is now closed until 7th JANUARY when we return with BADLANDS. Enjoy Christmas and a Happy New Year! Soo THE THORNHILLS  - 3 DEC '17 It was Liverpudlian duo The Thornhills who gave us a good night at Fred's this week. They have been on the country circuit since 1975 and are very professional and being brothers their harmonies are second to none. I loved "I Wouldn't Change You For The World", "She Was My Only One" and my favourite, "I Can Dream". Nice voices, superb harmonies mixed with some comedy - an all-round enjoyable evening. NEXT WEEK  -  TWIN FALLS Soo KALIBRE  -  26 NOV '17 It seems a while since we saw Kalibre at Fred's but their return was worth waiting for. We had the usual evening of pure country music.  They are always a pleasure to listen to and never disappoint, and are a firm favourite with Fred's audience. NEXT WEEK  -  THE THORNHILLS Soo NIGEL SLATER  -  19 NOV '17 A new face at Fred's and new to me, Nigel has been into country music since he was young, brought up by 2 country music-loving parents in Preston. He was one half of Blue Rodeo duo; he has a professional attitude, changing clothes 3 times.  It's my view we were treated to one of the finest male voices we have heard this year.  He also enjoys playing the guitar and playing it really well and there were plenty of songs we don't hear so often. An enjoyable evening - I would love to see him again. NEXT WEEK  -  KALIBRE Soo TRAVIS LOGAN  -  12 NOV '17 A real country night with a real country gentleman.  Travis is such a genuine person and I truly believe a real cowboy, heart and soul. He takes us along with us with one classic song rolling into the next.  I loved his acoustic number "Alamo" . Although the attendance was smaller than usual his rapport with the audience left us on a high. A great natural entertainer. NEXT WEEK  -  NIGEL SLATER Soo HAYDEN ALLEN  -  5th NOV '17 It seems ages since we had Hayden here.  He always gives us an enjoyable evening. Andy accompanied him for the second time.  He sings too and is great on guitar.  Hayden also seems to love watching him play. I enjoyed "Country Boy". A good evening.  Hope they come back soon - please! NEXT WEEK  -  TRAVIS LOGAN Soo JOHN DOHERTY  -  29th OCT '17 I enjoyed John's 2nd appearance at Fred's. He comes across as a friendly young man with a professional attitude. As well as the wide range of old songs we seldom hear, he sang newer songs by new artistes like Mo Pitney and Drake White. His voice is very good and I'd like to see him again, although I understand he is booked up for next year. NEXT WEEK  -  HAYDEN ALLEN Soo IAN HYLAND BAND  22 OCT '17 It was a good night for this band's second visit. Five professional musicians gave us a good selection of songs - not too much chat, they just got on with it. Arron was on lead guitar and also sang with Ian and solo. He took over when Ian's microphone needed new batteries.  Very slick! An all-round pleasant evening. NEXT WEEK  -  JOHN DOHERTY Soo GYPSY QUEEN  -  15 OCT '17 As soon as I saw the members of this band I knew we were in for a good night. They were Paul, also in Fools Gold; his daughter Melissa and Neil McAlley, Paul's partner in Fools Gold before Paul's wife Debbie. They sang separately and together - Mel has the voice of an angel although it was a little hard to hear every word - it may have been the microphone. That night I dreamt they took me back to Liverpool to spend a few days with them.  Maybe my love of country is getting out of hand! NEXT WEEK  -  IAN HYLAND BAND Soo CHRIS RADDINGS  -  1 OCT '17 This week it seemed all the line dancers from everywhere had descended on us. Like last time Chris came the floor was full.  It was definitely an evening for the dancers, although he sings a good mix of country and has a nice voice. NEXT WEEK -  BADLANDS Soo JERRY KILGORE supported by NICKY JAMES and JORDAN MOGEY  - 23 SEPT '17 The second of two big shows Fred has given us this year.  First on was Nicky James and State of the Heart band.  Nicky promotes these shows and is very popular as he has a good voice, but when is he going to stop repeating that Buck Owens medley? It's really boring now. Next, the return of Jordan Mogey with his rich deep country voice.  He's one to watch for the future. After the break, top spot and second time at Fred's came Jerry Kilgore.  He gave us a good show.  He only sang three of his hits but a good mix of songs and he thoroughly entertained us. NEXT WEEK  -  CHRIS RADDINGS Soo SAVANNAH  -  17th SEPT '17 The audience was a bit sparse this week but hopefully holiday season is over now and it's back to normal from next week. This duo gel well together - Chrissie has a nice voice and I especially enjoyed her Patsy Cline number. Mark also sings and plays the guitar and together they sound good. NEXT WEEK  -  JERRY KILGORE (USA), NICKY JAMES and STATE OF THE HEART and JORDAN MOGEY Soo BEST OF FRIENDS  -  10th SEPT '17 A lovely evening of pure gentle country songs.  We heard tracks by Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins and a mention of losing another country great, Don Williams - they played 3 of his many songs. I really enjoyed their material and Steve never forgets Froggy! I liked Steve's Stetson better than a cap. Keep it Country! NEXT WEEK  -   SAVANNAH Soo